Thanks for visiting our Brother Mountain Macadamias site. We are excited to share the story of these delicious and healthy Australian bush foods grown on Birpai Country, also known as Stewarts River in NSW. 

The Brother Mountain Region of New South Wales was created by ancient volcanic activity, that formed the three mountains: North Brother, Middle Brother and South Brother. These natural formations support a unique micro-climate made up of pristine aquifer-fed rivers, rich red soils and ancient sub-tropical rainforests. This environment creates the ideal conditions to grow our tasty varieties of macadamias. Every nut used in our products can be traced back to the macadamia varieties we grow on the farm.

Each Brother Mountain macadamia is grown with the natural environment in mind. Our family are committed to using sustainable practices as well as improving the micro-biology of the soil, regenerating corridors of native bushland and and encouraging native flora and fauna to thrive in and around the orchard. The farm operates on zero production waste, using the discarded shells as compost and reworking the pruned branches into mulch. We believe that the growing conditions of the food are reflected in the flavour and quality. 

Alistair and Amanda

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